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Wholistic Methylation™ combines the study of genetics, epigenetics, biochemistry, kinesiology and nutrition to help you assess and address the real causes of disease in your patients.

Are you ready to become one of the most cutting-edge 

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MyHappyGenes, We use state of the art tools in Genetics and Bioinformatics to produce thoroughly curated, easy to understand genetic reports that can be used by professional practitioners as well as individuals.
This system is for you if you're looking for better answers to your most challenging cases

1. Do your patients have symptoms ranging from persistent and annoying to debilitating that you cannot explain let alone treat?

2. Do you want to integrate evidence-based natural healing solutions into your practice that are grounded in the latest scientific breakthroughs?

3. Have you ever wondered how genetics may be contributing to your patient’s health challenges and how to use that knowledge to inform your treatment plans?

The Wholistic Methylation System is your solution to all three!

If you are not considering a patient’s genetic profile you could be treating symptoms and not true causes!

Let me start by explaining what’s missing from other approaches to health and wellness. Believe it or not both mainstream medicine and natural medicine fall into the same trap.

Said simply they treat symptoms vs support your body as a system.

Let me explain.  It's common knowledge that our diet, lifestyle and nutrients affect how your genes express. However, what is not commonly understood, is how our genes determine how our biochemistry works. 

Eating the wrong foods, taking the wrong supplements or taking the wrong medications can actually lead to dis-ease or cause side effects if you do not take into account each persons unique genetic makeup. 

Instead of treating symptoms, we teach you how to identify the root causes of dis-ease by analyzing how the patient’s genetics affect their biochemistry.  For example, a genetic variant in the Vitamin D receptor can lead to both brain chemistry imbalances and immune dysfunction.  A patient with multiple symptoms such as chronic infection, depression and fatigue are often easily corrected with the right combination of nutrients. HINT: vitamin D alone isn’t the solution and in fact may make them worse!

Learn to Implement the Wholistic Methylation System

Wholistic Methylation Level 1 Online Training 


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  • Over 25 Hours of Video training Delivered in a Private Training Platform (You can come back and watch anytime!)
  • Online Q&A Moderated by Dr J Dunn
  • Complete set of notes (digital format)
  • 2 Live Q&A Sessions Hosted by Dr J Dunn

Wholistic Methylation Online Training Plus Course Materials

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or 3 payments of $800

  • Online training and materials needed to begin practicing.
  • Wholistic Methylation Organ Sweep kit        
  • Wholistic Methylation Basic Test Kit              
  • Wholistic Methylation Nutrient Test Kit          
  •  Interactive Bio Chemistry Chart          
  • Patient Worksheets 
  • Marketing Brochure                                                                

About Dr. Dunn

Dr. J Ann Dunn BS, DC, CKP, CWK, is the Author of the Book Wholistic Kinesiology, and Perfect Health in Paradise, CEO of MyHappyGenes, creator and innovator of Wholistic Kinesiology, and Wholistic Methylation, teacher and lecturer.   For over 30 years, she has practiced natural medicine, researched and taught her groundbreaking techniques to hundreds of individuals who, like her, are on a quest to find an alternative solution to allopathic medicine. 

Dr. Dunn began her career in the Natural Health Industry after a long bout of ill health, which drove her to seek out alternative healing methods.  The results she experienced peaked her interest in Kinesiology, and she decided to study and learn this amazing technique herself.  She eventually developed her own technique, combining anatomy, physiology, emotional work, bodywork and nutrition to create Wholistic Kinesiology. Since then, she branched out into studying Genetic variants and their effect on our health, our brain and our mood. She teaches practitioners around the world how to interpret genetic tests and design nutritional programs to make the most of your genetic potential.   Her philosophy is to treat the person as a whole being, not just a collection of parts and symptoms.

Why Leading Healthcare Practitioners Recommend the

Wholistic Methylation System

Billy Beck III

Personal Trainer of the Anthony Robbins

“I loved the course so much that we are hosting a six-month class in my training facility in Florida. I have learned from experts in many fields for the last 15 years and there is only one way I would describe Dr. J Dunn, THE BEST! She is amazingly brilliant yet humble which combines to create the ultimate teacher! She has transformed my entire way of training my clients. I can’t wait to see how much better results we get. So far the results have been astounding – less injuries, massive strength increases, and relentless energy to name a few. Anyone who is committed to making a REAL difference in the lives of others by producing results MUST TAKE THIS COURSE! There is nothing else like it.” -- Billy Beck III, 2-Time MET-RX World’s Best Personal Trainer, Personal Trainer of the Year

Shawn parker


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What Are You Waiting For? 

Become one of the most cutting-edge healthcare practitioners in the world with this turn-key system!

What is Wholistic Methylation?

Wholistic Methylation is a system for identifying and balancing genetic variants that can lead to underlying chronic diseases and brain chemistry imbalances. Using Kinesiology techniques, we can identify underlying genetic variants that are the TRUE root cause of many chronic diseases. This system will allow you to truly understand some core biochemical pathways and genetic variants in those pathways that can cause the body to not function at its optimal.  

These critical pathways include the Krebs cycle, the Nitric Oxide Pathway, the Brain Chemistry Pathway (neurotransmitter), the Detoxification Pathways, the Methylation Pathway, the Histamine pathway and more. The step by step instructions and the easy to follow lectures will make these pathways understandable and accessible like never before.

Level 1: Course Topics

MODULE 1: An Overview of How Genetic Variants Affect Methylation & Related Biochemical Pathways including how enzymes work and how your genes affect them
MODULE 2: Genetic Variants that Affect the Energy Production Pathways including Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, and Electron Transport Chain
MODULE 3: Genetic Variants that Affect the Nitric Oxide Pathway and Inflammatory/Free Radical Pathways
MODULE 4: Genetic Variants that Affect the Brain Chemistry Pathways
MODULE 5: Genetic Variants in the Vitamin D Receptor and It’s Complete Systemic Effects on the Body and It’s Relationship to Immune and Autoimmune Conditions
MODULE 6: Genetic Variants in the Detoxification Pathways including GLyphosates, Heavy Metal Detox and Glutathione Production
MODULE 7: Genetic Variants in the Methylation Pathways and It’s Far Reaching Effects on All Biochemical Pathways
MODULE 8: Genetic Variants in the Histamine and Allergy Related Pathways
MODULE 9: Understanding the Inter-relationship of All Biochemical Pathways to Customize Your Approach to Healing Using Genetics as Your Guide
MODULE 10: Learning to Read and Interpret a Genetic Report
MODULE 11: Understanding Epigenetics Including Diet and Lifestyle to Develop An Individualized, Optimal Path to Wellness
MODULE 12: Overview of Nutri West Products Used in the Wholistic Methylation Protocol
MODULE 13: Integrating Wholistic Methylation Into Your Practice
MODULE 14: Resources to Facilitate Further Education and Research

BONUS: 1 Month Professional Membership (click here for more details)

•How to Test at a Distance Protocol Video:
•How to Self-Test:
•Wholistic Kinesiology Basic Training: For those who do not have previous training in Kinesiology but would like to get started with an easy to use system of Muscle Testing.

Practitioner Tools

Level 1 Test Kits

Organ Sweep test Kit  This kit simplifies having to learn therapy localization points on the body. It gives practitioner an overview of areas of imbalance
Wholistic Methylation Basic Test Kit This is the main kit for evaluation of the methylation and related pathways. The included definitions will give clarification of the vials and the information you are looking for by testing them.
Nutrient Test Kit This test kit will fill in the missing pieces of a unique supplement program designed for your patient. It also evaluates where there may be difficulties in absorbing certain nutrients.

Practitioner Testing Guides (Posters)
Basic Methylation Testing Guide
oThis poster will show you which gene you are attempting to identify by testing the vials in the basic test kit and which remedies are needed to correct the problem when a vial shows a weakness
Nutrient Testing Guide
oIf weaknesses show up in this kit, it can mean there is an excess or deficiency of that nutrient. This poster will guide you to the probable nutrients indicated.

Practitioner Aid Worksheets
Wholistic Methylation Pathway Worksheets (50) (Tear-Off Sheets) These tear off sheets make a great way for you to give a visual representation of the session to your patient to take home. This is a great way to get family and friend referrals.
Level 1 Wholistic Methylation Worksheet  This worksheet is indispensable in recording the results of your testing session and keeping you on track in the order of clearing. It tells the practitioner which nutrients are likely to help balance the weak areas.
Supplement Worksheet This worksheet allows you to record the supplement recommendations, reasons for the recommendation and the timing and duration of supplements.

Wholistic Methylation Interactive Program: This is an indispensable tool for studying the methylation and related biochemistry pathways in the body.
Practitioners use this to illustrate areas of imbalance with their patients. Click here for a demo.