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DNA Works Better With MyHappyGenes

Webinar 5: HLA, Master Histocompatiblity Complex vials and hidden immune problems. COMING SOON-Rerecording in process

Webinar 13: Wholistic Dentistry with Dr. Kayleigh Short

Dr. Short gives great information about various dental issues and natural treatment options.  

Webinar 14: Genetic variants in Cardiovascular Disease 

High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Cardiovascular disease

Webinar 15: Genetic variants in Cardiovascular Disease Part 2

Cholesterol, Lipids, cardiomyopathy, strokes and damage from Long COVID

Weight Control Relief with Wholistic Methylation

Webinar 17: Dysbiosis and Genetic Variants in The Wholistic Methylation Pathway

Understanding the true underlying causes of dysbiosis is the key to really correcting this huge problem once and for all!

Questions And Answers to Genetics and DNA

Webinar 22: Brain dysfunction Part 2 and Ileocecal Valve Disorder: Understanding the genetic relationships with ICV disorders