Methylation Intensive 
and Certification Seminar

Level 3 In-Person Certification

Dates TBD


 Port Salerno Civic Center
4940 SE Anchor Avenue
Stuart, Florida, 34997

Combine an advanced education in methylation and an exciting weekend excursion.

Become an expert in methylation with intensive one-on-one focused and thorough training in the advanced ways of balancing the methylation pathways.  Provide yourself with all the tools and thorough knowledge to help you and your patients achieve optimal health.

(workshop is subject to cancelation if minimum of 8 students are not registered)

Only $1699 

Discount available for Level 3 repeat attendees

Class time is combined with exciting adventures on/near the ocean! 

Bring a family member or friend to join in with the extracurricular activities and/or meal times. Additional $195 fee required. Guest not permitted in classroom training.

Classes are limited to 18 practitioners due to the focused and personalized attention given by Dr. Dunn to each participant.


  • Basic Methylation Course
  • Advanced Methylation Course
  • Genetic Test completed by


  • Each attendee will be evaluated for their own methylation program using Wholistic Kinesiology, Wholistic Methylation and Genetic Report Evaluation.
  • Review of Basic, Advanced techniques including using Hormones, Allergies, Advanced, Super Challenge, Emotional, and Cardiovascular Evaluation Test Kits
  • Wholistic Kinesiology protocols for evaluating Priority, Modalities and levels of imbalance along with Priority hand modes.
  • Written and practical tests for Certification in Wholistic Methylation

Only $1699

Weekend Schedule:


  • 6pm-8pm Party with Cocktails and Hors d’Oeuvres (Optional - Included in course)


  • 9-12 (lunch 12-1:30) 1:30-5:30 Class time (7 Hours)
  • 6pm Cocktails and appetizers
  • Dinner on your own


  • 7am-12pm Play or Free Time!  
  • Lunch 12-1 (we will take orders ahead of time at a local restaurant)
  • 1pm-7pm Class Time (6 Hours)
  • Group dinner (meal not included)


  • 9am-1pm Class time (3 Class Hours + Testing time)
  • Written and practical exams toward certification