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Intro to Wholistic Methylation (WM)  

Start here if you are new to Wholistic Methylation and want to learn more. This level gives you an introduction to Wholistic Methylation. Intro videos, and information about how to get started. 

Advanced Methylator 
(Level 1 & 2   

 WM Practitioners Only) 

By special invitation! For those wanting to keep their practice up to date. This level of membership will give you access to the most current methylation materials that you use in your practice. 

Certified Practitioner Methylator

(Cert. Practitioners only)

Available to Certified Practitioners only. This level of advanced membership will give you all the materials and videos you need to take your practice to a whole new level. Stay current and get your questions answered about your most challenging cases on a monthly live webinar with Dr. Dunn.  In addition, you will receive links to relevant articles with commentary to stay up to date with the literature. You will also be listed on the referral site as a certified practitioner. 

Wholistic Methylation System Membership

Joining our membership will take your Wholistic Methylation Practice to a whole new level! Join the ranks of the top health care professionals in the world and solve some of the most complex and challenging health care issues.

Here's what our practitioners are saying about Wholistic Methylation!
Dr. Chris Motley

"This course was awesome!  Loved the whole thing!  Such genius, insight and research in this course. Truly it tells what is going on in the deep levels of the patient!"

Rebecca ACosta, AP, DOM

OMGosh!  This is a game changer and has been the missing piece to push the fast forward button in my holistic practice.  I'm seeing more 'miracles". So exciting to now be able to "truly" help others!

Kerri Ward, DC

"It has been transformational in my practice with the ability to help people in a different way.  It is the "missing piece". It actually made Biochemistry interesting and understandable!"

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