Wholistic Methylation System Level 2: Advanced Concepts

Take Your Understanding of the Wholistic Methylation System™ to the Next Level!

Level 1 has prepared you to work with patients in a whole new way, and given you a comprehensive understanding of methylation, genetics, and biochemistry.

Level 2 is the next step in the Wholistic Methylation System™ and the logical next step for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the interplay of genes, methylation, and the biochemical pathways not covered in Level 1.

By continuing your Wholistic Methylation journey with this advanced level you will be among the few elite practitioners that are able to identify and address even more of your patients most complex health challenges.

This makes you a more valuable practitioner in a crowded marketplace and means more revenue for your practice.

In this course I will be discussing underlying genetic variants involved in the most common health issues of today.

  1. Autoimmune disorders
  2. Allergic/Hstamine responses
  3. Hormone imbalances
  4. Cardiovascular disease
  5. Emotional effects on the epigenetic expression of genes, and more!

Like being in the room

I’ve included protocol videos where I work on a patient and demonstrate how to use the kits systematically to determine exactly what’s going on with your patient. 

Here are the modules for Level 2

  • Do I Have To Use Kinesiology With This Material?
  • Advanced Methylation-Deeper Understanding of the Biochemical Pathways
  • Including Danger Zones and Overmethylation
  • Autoimmune Conditions and Advanced VDR Balancing
  • Advanced Protocol Videos: 1 & 2 Using the Advanced Methylation Kits
  • Case Studies: Hemochromatosis and Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  • Understanding Genetic Variants in Hormones
  • Wholistic Methylation Hormone Protocol Video
  • Genetic Variants Associated with Allergies
  • WM Protocol-Using the Allergy Kit
  • Genetic Variants Associated with Cardiovascular Imbalances
  • Protocol Video: Using The WM Cardiovascular Kit
  • Working With Emotional Imbalances
  • Protocol Video: Identify Emotional Challenges And Correct Them
  • Wholistic Methylation Super Challenges, How To Superchallenge Your Program
  • Protocol Video: Using The Superchallenge Kit
  • Spotting Genetic Variant Expression Using Bloodwork And The MyHappyGenes Bloodwork Panel
  • Amino Acid Test
  • Incorporating MyHappyGenes Into Your Practice
  • Types Of Therapies
  • Ways To Proceed

As you know from level 1, there are two ways to learn the Wholistic Methylation system. One is the online course material only, the other includes test kits. If you purchased Level 1 with the kits you are likely already experiencing the difference having these kits can make in diagnosing patients.

Let me walk you through the advanced testing kits.

  • The Advanced Methylation Test Kit (#4) which will give you a deeper look into the VDR, autoimmune conditions, infections, heavy metals and much more.
  • The Hormone Test Kit (#5) which will look at underlying genetic variants involved in hormone imbalances.
  • The Allergy Test Kit (#6) which will give you a new perspective on allergic responses that may have genetic origins.
  • The Cardiovascular Test Kit (#7) which is a deep dive into our number one killer in this country and the genetic causes.
  • The Super Challenge Kit (#8) which will help you make sure your supplement programs are really dialed in and robust and to spot some tricky underlying immune responses and mast cell activation disorders.
  • The Emotional Test Kit (#9) Can reveal the core emotional issues that may be affecting the genetic expression of your patients.

What is Included?

  • Over 30 Hours of video training delivered in our private training platform, Ruzuku (You can come back and watch anytime!)
  • Online Q&A Moderated by Dr J Dunn throughout the program
  • Complete set of notes (digital format)
  • PDFs of Biochemical charts
  • Links to articles where you might want a deeper dive into a gene variation and support information on the protocols I’ve developed
  • More information on supplements and symptoms, the blood panel  recommend and why, and so much more.

I want to take a minute to honor you for your commitment.

You are someone who invested many years and no small amount of money to become a holistic practitioner. And you continue to invest in yourself so you can help more patients heal from stubborn health issues and grow your skills and your practice.

As a Wholistic Methylation Practitioner you have tools and techniques unique to our community and I’m grateful for you. My mission is to serve not just thousands but millions of people and you are advancing that mission.

Some people take this training simply to continue their learning about genetics and methylation. But if you want to implement the Advanced Wholistic Methylation protocols into your practice you will need some additional tools:
I invite you to take the next step in your WM training journey...

OPTION 1: Wholistic Methylation™
Level 2 Online Course $1697

In Level 1 you will:

  • Over 25 Hours of Video Training Delivered in a Private Training Platform (You can come back and watch anytime!)
  • Complete set of notes (digital format)

(Or 3 payments of $597- Click Here to purchase the payment Plan Option)

OPTION 2: Wholistic Methylation™ complete
Level 2 Online Course with Advanced kits is $2697

For those who want ALL of the tools you will need to implement the Advanced Wholistic Methylation Protocols in your practice immediately you are about to save some money.

Upgrade to the Wholistic Methylation™Level 2 Complete System and get the next level test kits

  • Advanced Wholistic Methylation Kit Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Hormone Test Kit Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Allergy Test Kit Value $245 
  • Wholistic Methylation Cardiovascular Test Kit Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Super Challenge Test Kit Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Emotional Test Kit Value $245 

Total value : $1,470

When you purchase the kits along with the online course you save $472

  • Identify and solve EVEN MORE OF your patients (and your own!) most perplexing and challenging health issues.
  • Become one of the most sought-after practitioners in the country.….we get referral requests all the time!

Total Value $3,169

Purchase the Course + the Test Kits When You Register and SAVE $472

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