Wholistic Methylation System Level 1: Basic Concepts

Wholistic Methylation™ Combines The Study Of Genetics, Epigenetics, Biochemistry, Nutrition And Kinesiology To Help You Assess And Address The Real Causes Of Disease In Your Patients.

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Have you worked on patients who don't respond as you’d like or who continually struggle with persistent health issues? I did so I know how frustrating it is. Since, I developed the Wholistic Methylation system everything has changed and it can change for you and them too.

Genetics, Biochemistry and Kinesiology

Assessment and evaluation of underlying genetic defects through Kinesiology and/or lab work will allow you as a healthcare practitioner to truly get to the causes of disease before they start. We have all worked on patients who don't respond as we like or who continually struggle with the same health issues.

If you are not considering a patient's genetic profile you could be treating symptoms and not true causes!

The healing breakthroughs with this system have been phenomenal with many health conditions including autoimmune diseases such as Hashimotos, RA, lupus, etc., and with emotional challenges such as Bipolar disorder, ADD, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Our underlying emotional health is greatly determined by our genetic methylation patterns.

Because Our Underlying Physical And
Emotional Health

Are Greatly Determined By Our Genetic Methylation Patterns.


In Level 1 of the Wholistic Methylation system I will show you how to use Kinesiology and lab tests to spot genetic defects so that you can design a supplement program to balance these SNPs (genetic defects). Your patients will experience incredible breakthroughs in healing.

In Level 1 you will:

  • Learn to optimize the genetic potential of you and your patients by directly influencing the expression of your genes!
  • Discover how to reliably use genetic testing results to crack the code on how to optimize health and well-being.
  • Learn a simple, yet sophisticated method for creating a custom nutritional, diet, and lifestyle protocol to address even the most challenging health issues.
  • Be equipped with the tools and step-by-step instructions you need to begin to implement the Wholistic Methylation System in your practice immediately.

 Add in MyHappyGenes® testing protocol and add to your knowledge and objective data for increased accuracy.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own!

And you don’t have to figure out which supplements your patient needs. The MyHappyGenes® genetic testing software that I designed does that for you. No other genetic testing company has this sophisticated algorithm that uses a person’s genetic profile along with their biochemical profile to determine what nutritional pieces are missing. 

Let’s have another look at Wholistic Methylation 

Basically, Wholistic Methylation is a system for identifying and balancing genetic variants that can lead to chronic diseases and brain chemistry imbalances.

Using Kinesiology techniques, we can identify these genetic variants that are the TRUE root cause of many chronic diseases. 

This system will allow you to truly understand core biochemical pathways and the genetic variants, or SNPs,  in those pathways.

OPTION 1: Wholistic Methylation™
Level 1 Online Course $1499

In Level 1 you will:

  • Over 25 Hours of Video Training Delivered in a Private Training Platform (You can come back and watch anytime!)
  • Complete set of notes (digital format)

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OPTION 2: Wholistic Methylation™
Level 1 Online Course + Toolkit! $2499


Do you want ALL of the tools you will need to implement the Wholistic Methylation Protocols in your practice immediately?

Some people take this training simply to learn about genetics and methylation. But if you want to implement the Wholistic Methylation protocols into your practice you will need some additional tools:

  • Wholistic Methylation Organ Sweep Kit. Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Basic Test Kit. Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Nutrient Test Kit. Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Supplements Kit. Value $245
  • Interactive Biochemistry Chart. Value $325
  • Wholistic Methylation Patient Worksheets. Value $32
  • Marketing Brochures (10) Value $29
  • Tear off Sheets for Patient Education. Value $32

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Interactive Bio Chemistry Chart: A comprehensive resource providing all of the information you need about how genetic SNiPs affect biochemical pathways. Now includes the Hormone Chart!

With this training, the tools, and protocols you will have everything you need to be able to jump in and start using the technique immediately

Total Value $2897

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