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“I am so grateful for the wonderful people sent my way from the referral site! I love working with those who are determined to have full health and healing. It is a privilege to assist others with this miraculous Genetics program developed by Dr. J Dunn. Thanks to wholistic Methylation and MyHappyGenes my practice is full to over-flowing & my income has nearly doubled!”

Janet Hall


I wanted to just thank you for teaching this testing method. I do find that it gets down more to the root cause of things and that is what people want. I do sometimes have to rescue someone with high doses of Vit C or some herbs for infections... but when the emergency gets calmed down I am reaching for your test kits to find what the underlying chronic need is.

Lewis Cone

Chiropractic Physician

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do. As I start to compose this email I feel a bit emotional. I spend a lot of time going to school and attending seminars all over the country. So much so, that my kids and others often tease me that I’m addicted to learning. I have other techniques that I’ve learned and use in my practice currently as well, but I have to say none of them compare to the methylation work taught by you. It is the foundation to everything! As I learn other techniques and tools to use, they only, and always become an addition to the knowledge that I have gained through studying the methylation with you. It still, each day amazes me, how people come to my office and return for a follow up visit, ALWAYS, reporting of reduced symptoms and feeling better. I love this! 

Lauri Wood

Chiropractic Physician

Successful Practitioners

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I've been working the system with a few personal tweaks of my own. I’ve made it a part of my practice to have initial blood work before the methylation looking more towards expression. Yes, I do provide what the body says regarding nutrition, and I’m gaining a systematic approach.

Anything outside of functional ranges I retest at 3 months into the protocol. At 6 months I’ve been running an organic acid test that for the most part, tests all the metabolites of methylation and then testing with that data to fill any any potential gaps. Then retest the functional ranges at 9 months.

My results: In the past 3 years I have had at 98% reduction in TPO antibodies and 100% in ANA antibodies. Rheumatoid factor antibodies have been a bit stubborn but I hope to figure this out with a lot more success in the near future. We have nearly eradicated type II diabetes in our office and even those TYPE1 on insulin pumps and injectables have had a significant drop in their insulin requirements. Thanks for your work.


David came in today for a re-methylation and reported that he was feeling fine. I checked everything I could do ( all organs and glands, all items that he brought in, all pollens that I have, pesticides, heavy metals ) and I could not find him reacting to anything. Then I did all methylation vials and not one came up. I even asked his body if there was anything that I was missing in the methylation cycle and it said no.

HALLELUUUUUUUJA!!!!!!!! I started working with him in 2013 and this is the first time I have seen him reacting to nothing. He also has not had any trouble with the Celiac's disease. Of course he does not eat any Gluten but no other problems with digestion. David is a very big guy, about 300lbs, so I guess it just took his body longer to make the changes. Anyway, I thought you would like to know all of this and THANK YOU soooo much for your work. I really appreciate you and send
you Big Hugs!!