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Wholistic Methylation™ Combines The Study Of Genetics, Epigenetics, Biochemistry And Nutrition To Help You Assess And Address The Real Causes Of Disease In Your Patients.

2 Levels of Online Training

The first 2 levels of Wholistic Methylation are available online. This means you work at your own speed as time allows. You will always have access to the course materials and a forum of your peers where you can get your questions answered and share success stories.

Level 3, is an in person certification, once your complete levels 1 and 2 you will be eligible to attend.  

OPTION 1: Wholistic Methylation™
Level 1 Online Course

In Level 1 you will:

  • Over 25 Hours Of Video Training Delivered In A Private Training Platform (You Can Come Back And Watch Anytime!)
  • Complete Set Of Notes (Digital Format)

At Event Price: $999

OPTION 2: Wholistic Methylation™
Level 1 Online Course + Toolkit! $2499


At Event Price: $1999

OPTION 3: Wholistic Methylation™
Level 2 Online Course

In Level 1 you will:

  • Over 25 Hours Of Video Training Delivered In A Private Training Platform (You Can Come Back And Watch Anytime!)
  • Complete Set Of Notes (Digital Format)

At Event Price: $1199

OPTION 4: Wholistic Methylation™
Level 2 Online Course + Toolkit! $2697

For those who want ALL of the tools you will need to implement the Advanced Wholistic Methylation Protocols in your practice immediately you are about to save some money.

Upgrade To The Wholistic Methylation™Level 2 Complete System And Get The Next Level Test Kits

At Event Price: $2197

Assessment and evaluation of underlying genetic defects through Kinesiology and/or lab work will allow you as a healthcare practitioner to truly get to the causes of disease before they start. 

In Level 1 of the Wholistic Methylation system you will learn:

  • How to use Kinesiology and lab tests to spot genetic defects so that you can design a supplement program to balance these SNPs (genetic defects). Your patients will experience incredible breakthroughs in healing.
  • How To Optimize The Genetic Potential Of You And Your Patients By Directly Influencing The Expression Of Your Genes!
  • How To Reliably Use Genetic Testing Results To Crack The Code On How To Optimize Health And Well-Being.
  • A Simple, Yet Sophisticated Method For Creating A Custom Nutritional, Diet, And Lifestyle Protocol To Address Even The Most Challenging Health Issues.
  • How to be Equipped With The Tools And Step-By-Step Instructions You Need To Begin To Implement The Wholistic Methylation System In Your Practice Immediately.

In Level 2 you will discover the underlying genetic variants involved in the most common health issues of today.

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Allergic/Histamine responses
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Emotional effects on the epigenetic expression of genes, and more!

NOTE: I’ve included protocol videos where I work on a patient and demonstrate how to use the kits systematically to determine exactly what’s going on with your patient.


Wholistic Methylation is a system for identifying and balancing genetic variants that can lead to chronic diseases and brain chemistry imbalances.

Using Kinesiology techniques, we can identify these genetic variants that are the TRUE root cause of many chronic diseases.

This system will allow you to truly understand core biochemical pathways and the genetic variants, or SNPs, in those pathways.

The kits that accompany the lessons in Level 1 are

  • Wholistic Methylation Organ Sweep Kit. Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Basic Test Kit. Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Nutrient Test Kit. Value $245
  • Wholistic Methylation Supplements Kit. Value $245
  • Interactive Biochemistry Chart. Value $325
  • Wholistic Methylation Patient Worksheets. Value $32
  • Marketing Brochures (10) Value $29
  • Tear off Sheets for Patient Education. Value $32

The advanced kits to use with Level 2 are

The Advanced Methylation Test Kit (#4) Which Will Give You A Deeper Look Into The VDR, Autoimmune Conditions, Infections, Heavy Metals And Much More.

The Hormone Test Kit (#5) Which Will Look At Underlying Genetic Variants Involved In Hormone Imbalances.

The Allergy Test Kit (#6) Which Will Give You A New Perspective On Allergic Responses That May Have Genetic Origins.

The Cardiovascular Test Kit (#7) Which Is A Deep Dive Into Our Number One Killer In This Country And The Genetic Causes.

The Super Challenge Kit (#8) Which Will Help You Make Sure Your Supplement Programs Are Really Dialed In And Robust And To Spot Some Tricky Underlying Immune Responses And Mast Cell Activation Disorders.

The Emotional Test Kit (#9) Can Reveal The Core Emotional Issues That May Be Affecting The Genetic Expression Of Your Patients.

About The Course Teacher, Dr. J

Dr. J Dunn has been teaching natural health care topics since 1991.  Her passion for the topics is evident in her teaching.  She makes the most complex topics easy to understand and never requires memorizing but makes sure the concepts are logical and details are easily found at your fingertips. 

Complex topics like biochemistry and genetics can seem intimidating, but once you understand the logic behind these topics, you will be amazed at how your understanding expands to other topics in health care.


I have a BS in Occupational Therapy and a certificate in Natural Health Counseling. I have always loved the combination of clinical and lifestyle work, starting with my career as Cardiac Rehab Specialist which evolved into the natural health arena where I knew I could get the best results for my clients. I have trained in NRT and MFT and am thrilled to practice Wholistic Methylation which gives me confidence that I am finally getting to the root of the problem! I provide detailed guidelines for eating styles that my clients can combine with their methylation program to yield great results.

Maureen Barr