Wholistic Methylation™

Wholistic Methylation is a system for identifying and balancing genetic variants that can lead to underlying chronic diseases and brain chemistry imbalances. 

Using Kinesiology techniques, we can identify underlying genetic variants that are the TRUE root cause of many chronic diseases.


Our Online Courses Are Now Available!

Learn to Implement the Wholistic Methylation System

  • Level 1 and 2 Online Learning System with over 50 hours of instruction
  • Level 3 Certification course available in person
  • Includes Live Q&A Sessions with Dr. J Dunn
  • Includes Complete Set of Notes, Powerpoints, Demonstration Videos, and worksheets 

Online Wholistic 
Methylation Courses

Wholistic Methylation™ combines the study of genetics, epigenetics, biochemistry and nutrition to help you assess and address the real causes of disease in your patients.

Become one of the most cutting-edge healthcare practitioners in the world with this turn-key system! 

Assessment and evaluation of underlying genetic defects through Kinesiology and/or lab work will allow you as a healthcare practitioner to truly get to the causes of disease before they start.  We have all been working on patients who don’t respond as we like or who continually struggle with the same health issues.


The healing breakthroughs with this system have been phenomenal with many health conditions including autoimmune diseases such as Hashimotos, RA, lupus, etc., and with emotional challenges such as Bipolar disorder, ADD, ADHD, depression and anxiety.  Our underlying cellular health is greatly determined by our genetic methylation patterns.

We will show you how to spot the genetic defects using Kinesiology and lab tests to design a supplement program to balance the SNiP’s (genetic defects) to truly bring about incredible breakthroughs in healing in your patients and yourself.

Understanding Genetics and Methylation!

Your genes are triggered by biochemicals -- the basic elements your body breaks down from what you eat and drink, other supplemental nutrients and your environment.  

Change these and you can change the way your genes perform. And that can change your life forever.

Understanding the effect that our diet and lifestyle have on your genes is the true key to understanding why you are the way you are. We can now identify if your health risks are rooted in your genes…and the specific diet, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments that can address them.

In fact, it is possible to better cope with stress, be more mentally alert and focused and be satisfied and happy with your life naturally by making some of these simple adjustments.

The Genesis of the Wholistic Methylation System

The genesis of the entire Wholistic Methylation System was when Dr. J Dunn began to research the role of genes in her own struggles with depression and chronic fatigue, as well as the mental and emotional issues of her patients.

As she matched these findings with the amazing body of research on nutrition and biochemistry, she began to see even more clearly, direct, specific ways to impact her patients' health…sometimes overcoming years of suffering.

Her discovery has fueled her desire to make this information available and understandable to everyone interested in learning more about why they are the way they are.  This knowledge can help them to discover the origins of their own health and mood struggles.  

Because the supplement recommendations are so powerful, we decided to make sure your patients were guided along the path to achieve balance through practitioners trained in the Wholistic Methylation System. 

We are currently training Practitioners throughout the U.S. and now have the courses online. 

The Most Comprehensive DNA test available!

my happy genes DNA kit

It's Finally Here!  You Can Now Get Your Own MYHappyGenes DNA Test Kit

Up until now, there were no existing consumer DNA labs that could provide us with the full spectrum of genetic data that our MyHappyGenes program is capable of analyzing. We created the MHG DNA Test Kit to give us the complete Genetic Information that our program needs in order to fully analyze the genes known to be associated with biochemistry.

What most companies, like Ancestry and 23andMe, focus on are the genes related to your family origins, and ignore many of the genes we need to identify your brain chemistry and other health risks.

In addition, every existing consumer DNA lab we know of has hidden terms that let them sell your data! We believe this is unethical, especially with information as personal as your own DNA!

We are committed to NEVER selling or sharing our clients’ genetic data. We will always respect your privacy!

That is why we are working with a  private lab to deliver the genetic data we need. Your DNA sample is only identified by a bar code and destroyed after 30 days at the lab. You can register your DNA kit using your own private email address.  And at any time, you can delete your data from our website.